Authorized Service Partner & Boost Energy Optimization

Authorized Service Partner

Our Authorized Service Partners cover all service needs for the entire pump or system lifecycle – from selection and installation to operation and replacement.


We ensure the correct pump type, system and motor dimensions are selected for the application – with the latest pump technology in mind.


We deliver professional commissioning services that ensure pumps perform optimally from day one – saving our customers money and creating piece of mind.


We offer a full range or preventative service packages and repair options to our customer, ensuring pump and system support is available when and where they need it.


We focus on providing customers with accurate metrics on their current systems – ensuring they can make informed decisions on replacements and energy saving opportunities.

Boost Energy Optimization

Energy Check is a free offer that gives the customers an option of replacing their old constant speed pump with energy-efficient pumps. Grundfos experts will visit the customer and make a survey of non-intrusive pump based on all the data that exists in the system owned by the customers.

After all supporting variables are recorded, the customer will get a comprehensive report containing estimates of energy usage and financial savings that can be obtained should customer decided to replace with new energy-efficient pumps. Energy Check is also a proper way to identify targets for more advance Pump Audit process.

The Energy Check Report is prepared by Grundfos and sent to you for further input.

The Report Contains:

  • A prioritised overview of the customer’s pumps, energy consumption, etc.
  • Recommendations to pump upgrades
  • Potential savings kWh and CO2 + other benefits
  • Pay back time
  • Recommendations to step by step action plan – prepared in close collaboration with you!