PT. Famili Kita ( Known as CV. Famili) was first established in 1988 as a general supplier and contractor company. Stretched back to early 1990s we sell a lot of different kind of pumps and focused more on government projects such as water treatment plants, dams, housing complex, etc. As our company grew, we expand our market to Oil and Gas, mining, power plant, as well as telecommunication industry. Our strong commitment and vision have driven the company into becoming one of the trusted companies in distribution of industrial equipment in the country.


To become the country’s leading distributor/ supplier and service provider for industrial equipments in every industry market we serve.


Creating the Added Value

Our working motto is “We Serve Better”, therefore we always give our best effort into caring and serving our customers.

Focusing on our customers and consumers is the key to our success. Hence our corporate value putting our customers at the center of what we do.

Giving the products for solution and after sales service

We aim to give you the solutions as a complete package, not just products. We deliver standard and customized products, solution, and services focusing on your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding services provided as the ‘one-stop shopping centre’.